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At DSA Onstage, we provide provide premium after school care service where we take care of your child needs holistically. Besides the academic aspect of the child, we strongly believe in honing the performing arts skills in our center. We will also ensure that your child's social and development needs are met in the centre. We will provide a safe and conducive environment for your child to spend his after school time happily in our center.


Besides homework supervision, we will provide tuition and coaching to the children in our center. Our curriculum and learning materials are developed by our curriculum specialists who have been teaching children for more than 20 years. The curriculum is tailored based on their experience with the vast number of children that they have taught.

Performing Arts

Studies have shown the correlation of performing arts and academic of children. Children learn a variety of skills from learning how to sing, dance, act and host. Besides developing their verbal skills, memory skills, emotional skills, performing arts will boost the confidence of these children and thus be confident to excel in other aspects of their lives.

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